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The Acai fruit is a small dark blue berry that grows on a palm tree in the Amazon region.
The Acai berry has a diameter of about 1-2 cm and is very reminiscent of our blueberry.
In its native Brazil the acai berry is eaten as fruit, ice cream or juice.
Unfortunately, the Acai berry is quickly fatal.
So we do not have the opportunity to enjoy them fresh here in our country.
There are, however, very gentle methods such as freeze-drying.
After this process, the berries are ground into a fine powder.
In this way we can also use the clenched nutrients of Acai berry.
But what makes this fruit so valuable?
The Acai berry is full of vitamins such as A, B1, C, and E.
These minerals occur as calcium and iron, and omega-3 fatty acid.
Especially valuable is the Acai berry however. Because of its high proportion of natural anthocyanins
Anthocyanins are phytochemicals, or natural dyes of plant.
They act as anti-oxidant, thus preventing the formation of free radicals.
In this way, the destruction of our cells is prevented.
Give daily 2 tsp Acai berry Acai Bio Detox Powder in your drink, cereal or vegetable yogurt
and so uses many nutrients of the berry.

Acai berry diet

The Hollywood stars swear a bit longer on this power fruit.
The celebrities are often subject to a high pressure,
when it comes to their resilience and youth.
Unfortunately, we find ourselves in our everyday an increasing burden.
But with a balanced diet and an optimum supply
with vital substances, we support our body thereby.
It is the berry even rumored that it will dampen the feeling of hunger.
Those who opt for the purchase of a food from the Acai berry,
should pay attention to the concentration.
The powder offered by us has a concentration of 99.8%.
So you go on the safe side to get a really high-quality and pure product.
Acai Berry is available in various forms such as powder, juice or capsules

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