Back exercises

10.03.2014 11:37

Vegan for Fit - back exercises for a strong back - Vegan Fitness with Fitness Model
Vanessa from Veganisation!

Vanessa is known for training back, chest just as intense as arms as abdomen legs and buttocks . This is important for an evenly toned body. A strong back not only looks hot, it also supports you in everyday life. Today is day one of your classic 3- split plan, which starts with the back, biceps and abdominal training . Day 2 chest, shoulder and triceps is on the plan and on Day 3 Squatreck for legs, butt and abs can be trained.

This day looks like this:

10 min warm up practising light endurance training
Basically, any exercise starts with a set of light weights and each set is performed with 8-12 reps

3x lat pulldown ( wide grip )
3x Dumbbell Row
3x one-arm dumbbell rows
3x deadlift

3x biceps curls with the EZ bar
3x hammer curl with dumbbell

3x abdominal pressure
3x upper body bending

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