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Biovegan, the family of Ransbach -Baumbach in the Westerwald, develops, manufactures and sells vegan, gluten-free (celiac disease) and lactose-free (lactose intolerance ), food from organic farming , guaranteed free of genetic engineering. Founded over 25 years ago by Claus and Käthe Henneke, Käthe Henneke still stands for 100 % Delicious - 100% quality.

As a specialist in baking ingredients, offers Biovegan a wide range of delicious and tasteful design of cakes, pies and cookies, breads and rolls. Yeast, baking powder, cake cast iron (clear, red, strawberry), citrus peel (oranges, lemons) or sugar mixtures (vanilla, chocolate ginger, cinnamon), for every season there is something. Especially for the Christmas and Easter. NEW! Now also gluten-free baking ferment.

More fun on the cheeks! Quite NEW! and an absolute innovation in organic baking. Colorful and fun sprinkles, mimosa, nonpareils, icing sugar and heart. Decorative items for your baking creations.

Further facilities include Biovegan also a wide range of binders. Suitable for sauces and soups, or aspic vegetable aspiks, fruity and savory spreads and desserts and dips. In Biovegan You will find everything they need to gelling agents , binders, and light and dark sauces ties for a healthy and vegan cuisine. Of course, in high quality organic and gluten-and lactose-free. Why not try our new BIO- Agaranta from or for your next fruit spreads, jams, jams or jellies our Konfitura gelling agent.

Quite NEW! 1001 ice cream - chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. An ice - based - 1001 Creative Ice Creations. Red fruit jelly, delicious chocolate and vanilla puddings and dessert sauces. For the health conscious gourmets is definitely a fitting dessert there. Free of artificial flavors, flavor enhancers, gluten and lactose. Love that you can taste !

A wide selection of sauces , soups and broths can be found in our offer. The delicious tomato cream soup or vegetable broth Biovegan without the addition of yeast and celery. Easy yeast free and celery freely enjoy . Whether savory or fruity Biovegan the gourmet sauces offer an optimal basis and supplement for your hot food. The fruity sharpness of the curry sauce connoisseurs for enchantment of your curry dishes, dairy-free and eggless hollandaise sauce for gourmet green or white asparagus. For rice and potato dishes Herbs connoisseurs the sauce. For your next plate of vegetables in mushroom sauce connoisseurs . For all savory dishes that require a classic dark touch that Biovegan Brown gourmet sauce. And perfect with pasta or lasagna, vegan Bolognese sauce connoisseurs .

A few special offers Biovegan also still with carob powder , good and healthy alternative to cocoa. Or Käthes herbal salt that has been lovingly compiled according to an old family recipe. But our vegetable brush that you can use as a general purpose brush and is made from natural coconut fibers is surely capture you.

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