Black Bear Energy Bar

19.10.2015 11:00


Black Bear Energy Bar

The power bar made from pure, natural ingredients.
A Black Bear Bar is not just a bar,
a Black Bear Energy Bar is a bar at the highest level.
Because Black Bear is based on the Stone Age diet and their motto:
Our oath: pure nature
That is the Black Bear Energy Bar has just 7 natural ingredients,
which therefore come only in absolute organic quality.
  1. dried dates
  2. dried cherries
  3. Almonds
  4. Cashews
  5. Cranberries
  6. Maca powder
  7. Rock salt
So Black Bear dispensed with added sugar and preservatives.
Trotzedm latches are durable and even heat resistant.
This makes them an ideal companion even on wild
Outdoor excursions, such as rafting or obstacle runs.
Of course, the Black Bear bars are on the move in the City,
suitable for meetings at the university to quickly add energy.
Donate The combination of dried fruits and nuts
not only quick energy, they provide the body with equally important
Minerals, vitamins and fiber.
The hold without burdening the body long tired unnecessarily.
By the sweetness of dried fruits occurs only
not to crave unhealthy sweets.
Black Bear bars are even in row quality, the ingredients were
not more than 42 degrees heated. The benefit of raw food is,
that heat-sensitive vitamins and enzymes are not destroyed
and so can have their full effect in the body.
Not only in the production of the latch will be omitted on heating,
even the nuts and fruits were not heated.
This makes the bar so valuable.
While ordinary granola bars a "glue" in the form of syrup for
Require fixing, the Black Bear tie comes through his production from without.
The disadvantage of a syrup is that it becomes sticky and hard in the winter during the summer.
Therefore, a Black Bear tie withstands a hiking tour in the summer.
For field staff of the bar is the perfect snack in the car.
The fingers remain clean and it does not crumble.
Each pack contains 2 bars a 35 g and can be optimally portioned

Black Bear Energy Bar vegan protein bar

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