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You want to bring some momentum in your daily diet?
No problem, buckwheat is not only incredibly versatile
and delicious but also really healthy. He is gluten-free
and therefore suitable for all those who either due to
celiac, as well as suitable consciously renounce gluten.
Even if the grains are reminiscent of a cereal grain, it is botanically
a Knötterichgewächs (such as sorrel and Rhabarba).
Buckwheat is therefore often called as quinoa and amaranth pseudocereal.
Buckwheat contains complex carbohydrates that are made to last well fed and give energy.
In addition, it contains all the essential amino acids and is an excellent source of protein
for vegans and vegetarians. Not just for athletes. Buckwheat is relatively low in fat and a
fantastic source of minerals such as magnesium, iron, phosphorus and zinc,
as well as vitamins B1 and B2.

Buckwheat preparation

-Buckwheat Cooking-

Before preparing the grains should be washed through a screen,
since it under the tray containing a red dye called fagopyrin.
This can make the skin more sensitive to sunlight.
For husked buckwheat the problem is not so serious.
Then the grains are cooked for about 12-15 minutes in boiling water.

-Buckwheat Seedlings-

Since some of the nutrients on heating always lost,
provides it occasionally to enjoy time as a seedling with buckwheat at him.
In return, organic buckwheat is especially suitable because it is less harmful substances
is loaded. In order to pull itself buckwheat seedlings at home,
should be paid to absolute cleanliness. The trade offers for
verchiedenen sytems, from simple glass with a
intigrierten sieve in the lid up to larger devices, where several papers
can be stacked on each other for different sprout varieties.
Fills the seed vessel with a small amount of buckwheat grains,
pour it with water (room temperature) and stirred it around good.
Let the grains thus stand for an hour and then poured off the water.
The next day you should the grains a day with cold water 2-3 times Thoroughly flush
and sieving the water again. So you removed the emerging strength
and can quite quickly sprouts enjoy.
Seedlings are real powerhouses because they contain valuable
Nutrients in a highly concentrated form.

Buckwheat use

The cooked grains can, as desired, either as a supplement
served or as a salad, vegetable filling or tasty fried dishes
be processed further. Buckwheat has a wonderfully nutty flavor.
Buckwheat seedlings give your salads and hot dishes a
interesting touch and taste as a sandwich filling nicely crisp and fresh.
Buckwheat grains and buckwheat flour are a welcome change
the health-conscious cooking. Whether bread, cakes, pancakes or cookies.
With buckwheat is great creations can conjure up, with which you your family,
Friends and guests will amaze you.

Buckwheat nutrition facts

343 calories
72 g carbohydrates
13 g protein
3.4 g fat


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