Chia seeds

20.09.2015 14:36


Superfoods experiencing in recent times a real boom in our kitchens.
As Superfood foods are referred to that an incredibly high
Have nutrient density and a it has us particularly pleased,
the tiny chia seeds.
Chia seeds are the seeds of the chia plant from Mexico and apply
there for a very long time as a rich source of energy.
Because chia seeds have compared to other seeds are
very high protein content and contain valuable Omega 3 and
Omega 6 fatty acids, while a lot of minerals (eg calcium, potassium and iron).
Chia seeds are also rich in anti-oxidants, which they to a great
Makes protection for our cells. So chia seeds not only help us
to support our health, but also to preserve our beauty.
Because free radicals are a major factor when it comes to the deterioration
our skin (wrinkles, sallow complexion tired, weak connective tissue) and our hair
and nails go. Anti-oxidants prevent the formation of free radicals in our body.


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