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Buy coconut milk at the Onlineshop

Coconut milk is not only delicious, it is also extremely versatile. At, your online health food store, you can buy the best coconut milk. Coconut milk is not just a welcome change. It is a fantastic way to give your menu an extra whistle. Coconut milk offers so many options, so you should definitely have a firm place in the kitchen. By the way, coconut milk is not the same as coconut milk. There is on the one hand the low-fat variant in the form of a coconut drink, which you can use wonderfully for your breakfast, the coffee, the smoothie or naturally also with vegan protein powder as a protein shake. This coconut milk is with about 43 calories to 100 ml very figurally friendly and extremely delicate.
On the other hand there is the pure COCONUT MILK, which can be used wonderfully as a cream substitute, both in hearty and sweet dishes. This coconut milk is much more full-bodied and lush. This naturally has a higher fat content and should be used more sparingly in the case of a calorie-reduced diet. This form of coconut milk offers wonderful application possibilities. You can refine your sauces and hearty dishes or conjure fantastic desserts.

Coconut milk curry

There is hardly a coconut milk recipe, which is better than an exotic curry. A curry with coconut milk is a very fast and simple vegan dish and you can meet every taste by the different possibilities of variation. Simply fry some vegetables or tofu or seitan, remove it with the coconut milk and let it boil briefly. Add exotic spices such as curry or curcuma and enjoy the dish for example. With finely scented Thai rice.

Coconut milk recipe

In our recipes database you will find plenty of coconut milk recipes, Our chia seed breakfast, where you can exchange almond milk wonderfully with coconut milk. Refine your recipe with Kokosmilch and you will be delighted. Depending on which type of coconut milk you choose, the recipe is also different.

Coconut milk Alpro

The Alpro Coconut milk is particularly popular with our customers. While Alpro was previously known primarily for its Sojamilch, the company Alpro has now launched a vast assortment of various milk substitute products on the market. It is also clear that the coconut milk must not be missing.

Coconut milk healthy

The health benefits of coconut milk are primarily due to their medium-chain fatty acids. These special fatty acids are used by the body to gain energy more quickly than other fatty acids before they are stored in the fetal cells. This also makes clear why the coconut oil is so particularly interesting in the health-conscious kitchen and that not only among vegans. The special star among the fatty acids is the so-called lauric acid. The coconut oil in the coconut milk is about 52 percent of this lauric acid. This fatty acid has the helpful ability to inhibit germ growth. It acts as a natural antibiotic. Coconut oil remains fresh at room temperature (ie uncooled) for up to one year. However, the lauric acid has an antibacterial effect not only in meals, but also in the body. For this purpose, the lauric acid penetrates the cell wall of pathogens such as bacteria, fungi, viruses and leads to their death.

Coconut milk homemade

For the preparation of coconut milk you do not need much.

125 g of coconut chips
500 ml of water

Boil the water and pour over the coconut chips and let stand for about 15 minutes. The mass with a bar mixer for 5 min. Mix and pass through a fine sieve, which was laid with a cotton cloth. Fill the coconut milk into a bottle and keep in a refrigerator.
In between, the fat layer settles down somewhat, which is not a quality disadvantage. In this case simply shake the coconut milk thoroughly again.

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