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DOC Weingart specializes in developing a novel nutritional concept and related products that improve performance and help to increase personal energy in the long term. The DOC Weingart products have been developed in collaboration with top athletes and managers, who are subjected to intense stress every day. Through his many years of experience with these people's trips, DOC Weingart was able to fine-tune his concept to this target group. The DOC Weingart products consist of high-quality ingredients and exclusively natural ingredients, which are adapted to the best absorption capacity of the body and the small arm, and thus can have an efficient effect.

Who is Doc Weingart?

DOC Weingart
The DOC is actually called Dr. med. Johannes Weingart and is a specialist in internal medicine, specialist for physical and rehabilitative medicine, special pain therapy, sports medicine and osteopathy and active in the Dreiländerklinik in Ravensburg. Prior to his specialist specialization he completed his medical training at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich. Dr. Weingart has written several books and over 40 scientific publications. He is also the initiator of the Osteopathic School of Dr. Karl-Sell physician seminars MWE and co-founder of the German-American Academy for Osteopathy DAAO as well as founder and CEO of the European Academy for Proliferation Therapy.

DOC Weingart for top athletes and managers

Dr. med. Weingart has been working for over a decade to develop diagnostic procedures and therapies that address the biological age and human performance. Holds seminars on energy management at sports federations and companies in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. He is also responsible for top athletes, including world champions and Olympians, as well as managers of major companies. DOC Weingart provides the elite with the best performance in sports and work.

Why Doc Weingart?

Everyday life has changed dramatically in recent years. Almost every person, no matter what profession, is exposed to an ever-increasing strain. The stress level rises constantly and the pressure and time pressure are constantly increasing. Everyone knows the feeling of being burnt out or not being able to withstand the pressure. There are hardly any pauses and ceremonies, and there is a constant readiness. Even though the new media will certainly make things easier in everyday life, they raise the stress level to a new level. Everyday life is characterized by activities with ever-higher, longer phases of concentration. If, however, mental and physical maximum performance are constantly demanded, the body should also be supported perfectly. The basic prerequisite for this is, in addition to adequate regeneration times, a balanced diet, which contains all the nutrients the brain needs. This is not always possible in today's highly processed foodstuffs and leached soils. All DOC WEINGART products are designed to provide people with optimal nutrients.
  • vegan
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • To increase concentration and energy

DOC Weingart clearly pursues the philosophy that especially the small intestine plays an important role for health and receives special attention in the daily handling. The small intestine is an important organ because it is responsible for the nutrients being absorbed by the body. If you want to do something good for your small intestine, you should consider the following:
  1. Regular small meals
  2. Thoroughly chew
  3. In the evening do not eat too late
  4. Avoid heavy food (too hot, greasy, hot, etc.)

DOC Weingart Elementar

DOC Weingart Elementar is one of DOC Weingart's three products. Elementary supports fresh and youthful body cells so that DOC Weingart Elementar is not only beneficial to your health but also to the beauty.

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