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25.05.2014 08:50

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Alone or better yet for two 
A good training partner is almost as hard to find as the partner for life .
So every athlete who is looking for a suitable training partner should set them to the question again , whether it is because even a good training partner.
We therefore summarize the qualities that make a good training partner.


This is the first concern. Not for nothing is called punctuality as a virtue of kings.
Nowadays, just about everyone of us has a clamped everyday life and the training is already organized as tightly into it.
Appear repeatedly tardy often disrupts the entire daily routine of the displaced .


A training partner can inspire one to peak performance. So he has , provided he has enough experience , just to see the property to determine whether an additional repeat is more to create or whether the exercise is unclean.
There are exercises like heavy bench press , in which for safety reasons alone one partner should already be present.
Appointments with another person are more likely to meet . Cancel The threshold is higher than to leave it alone fail the training.
However, another person should never be the motivation to go to training. The desire it , should always come from the private core.

Self-confidence :

A healthy measure is to inspire each other should already be present , but degenerates such a thing ever made ​​love to in a hidden competition .
Often when the weaker people also has a low self-esteem .

discipline :

It is important that both have the same goal in mind , otherwise there is a danger that one is distracted from training by the loquacity of so many , and the pauses between sentences are too long.
However, anyone who honestly admits that he would rather train alone or use the training to clear your head , the better to dispense with a partner , and begs for heavy exercises a stranger for help.
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