Greenic Power Cacao

20.09.2015 14:42

Greenic Power Cacao

A healthy, tasty drink, which donates energy
and at the same time satisfies the craving for chocolate?
Nothing easier than that, with the delicious Cacao Power of Greenic.


The company Greenic from Cloppenburg has delicious set itself the task
to produce and healthy drink mixes that contain quality superfoods.
Superfoods are foods with a particularly high nutrient density.
They are full of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals and offer
while the body valuable vegetable protein. Superfoods help us
Cell regeneration, metabolism and important detoxification processes.
All products are manufactured in Germany and at the company's headquarters
Cloppenburg is even used 100% green energy.
The company makes sure that the ingredients from
organic cultivation. Greenic holds the promise of quality,
that all individual ingredients and Trinpulvermischungen strictest quality controls
subject. The microbiological purity and safety with respect to
Pesticides and heavy metals health is examined in depth analyzes.
Greenic drink mixes are
100% Bio
Gluten free
without additives
without GMO
Greenic Power Cacao is a blend of natural cocoa, carob, maca, lucuma,
Coconut blossom sugar and bourbon vanilla. Cocoa, carob and Maca are natural energy booster.
They are rich in minerals and fiber and provide with their anti-oxidants
to protect our cells. Lucuma contains abundant B vitamins and provitamin beta-carotene.
For the mild sweet flavor make coconut blossom sugar and real Bourbon vanilla.
Coconut blossom sugar has compared to ordinary table sugar lower
glycemic index and thus prevents the blood sugar levels to rise and fall rapidly.

Greenic Power Cacao preparation

Depending on your wishes can be with the Greenic Power Cacao a real chocolate drink
manufacturing or as a complement in a simple smoothie, protein shake, oatmeal, or yogurt
Stir. Also very popular are health-conscious, but not less tasty
Desserts with Greenic Power Cacao, such as homemade puddings or creams.
For a chocolate drink just 3 slightly heaped teaspoon Greenic Power Caco Drinking Powder
Mix with 250 ml of milk plants. Even though the drinking powders of Greenic a really
have good solubility by mixing the powder can improve this, if required,
just before stirred with a little warm water or plantmilk.

Greenic Power Cacao Nutritional information (per 100 g)

293 kcal
34.9 g carbohydrates
17.3 g fat
2.9 g fat



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