Harvest Moon coconut yoghurt

22.09.2015 12:49

Trade now offers some herbal yogurt alternatives.
However, most are based on soy, what a wonderful
Taste and great variation possibilities. Unfortunately, there are
People who soya not as well tolerated, and consciously plan
want to miss. We look forward now even here an absolutely fantastic
To offer an alternative and that the delightfully creamy
Harvest Moon coconut yogurt.

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Behind the name Harvest Moon put two hamburgers young entrepreneurs,
who wanted to create a great product inspired by a trip to Africa,
where all benefit from. Starting with the producers from Africa, up to
Consumer. So they started with a small juice range, based on fresh ingredients.
This always enjoyed great popularity, so that finally the
Coconut yogurt varieties were added. The Harvest Moon coconut yogurt comes in three
delicious flavors: natural, vanilla and fruity enjoyment Mango-Passion Fruit.
The coconut yogurt nature is just four ingredients:
Coconut, starch, guar gum and of course vegan yogurt cultures.
Then come the respective ingredients to The varieties of vanilla and mango-passion fruit.
It was the founders from the beginning important that all ingredients from certified
organically grown. Another plus point is that the Harvest Moon coconut yoghurt
manages even without added sugar, which certainly pleases the one or the other.
The taste they are really insanely creamy and just melt away.
Otherwise we could not express it different in taste test. Was very tasty the
Kokosnussoghurt nature mixed with fresh strawberries and garnish almonds,
we have previously roasted in a hot pan without oil.
With the coconut yogurt vanilla we have conjured up a delicious dessert,
by such have him sandwiched between crumbled chocolate chip cookies and banana slices.
The fruity mango-passion fruit came in the morning with oatmeal, puffed amaranth and
Flaxseed mixed on the breakfast table. These are just a few small suggestions,
what you can do with your yogurt places like that. But of course they all scmecken spooned simply by itself.
But be careful, you let your partner nibble at it, You have to get prepared to make,
that you have to share it.
And this is true not only for vegans
Even those who suffer for the sake of lactose intolerance,
is sure to enjoy such a delicious pleasure,
the course can also conjure up delicious cakes.
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Harvest Moon Coconut Yogurt Nutritional information per 100 g
183 kcal
3 g carbohydrates
18 g fat

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