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Holle Baby Food Baby Food at its best. All Natural , Organic from Germany. Germany is since decades the most respected all natrual food producer in the world.

Holle Baby Food

Holle Baby Food offers excellent quality in baby food. Holle Beikost und Babynahrung in Germany online at Veganisation.

Holle Baby Food

Holle Baby Food is among the best food manufacturers for baby food. Highest quality and tests are required and only the best for your child. Trust in Holle.
In 1933, Albert Diefenbach set the foundation stone for one of the oldest baby food companies in Europe in Arlesheim with Holle Nährmittel AG. The production of organic baby food has been an anthroposophically oriented nutritional teaching and a biodynamic quality since its inception, which is still regarded as the two most important pillars of corporate philoso- phy.

Nowhere else is the expectation of quality as high as in the production of baby food. This trust, which the parents bring when buying Holle Babynahrung, is taken very seriously.

For Holle Baby Food only carefully selected Demeter grains are cultivated by organic farmers with whom trustworthy cooperation has been established for years.
The whole milk used for the infant milk food comes from organic farms from southern Germany. For the Holle baby bottles only organic food from demeter cultivation or controlled biological agriculture is used. The naturally grown food produced in this way is not only tasty, but also vital and of high nutritional quality, which is particularly beneficial for the positive development of infants and toddlers.

HOLLE BABY NUTRITION does not, of course, dispense with chemical processing or preservatives. 

Holle Baby Food Germany

The production of cereal and infant milk production takes place in Germany. The production facilities meet the latest technological requirements and are ISO-certified. The processed grains for the preparation of bottle and breads are predominantly derived from German organic farms made of biodynamic agriculture (Demeter) and matured on fertile soils that are cultivated with herbal supplements. The rice from Italy and millet from Hungary are bought.

All this is the basis for the special quality of Holle Babynahrung.

The extensive Demeter range offered by Holle includes:

  • Cereals
  • Infant Milk Food
  • Holle Organic baby-on-oil
  • Baby bubbles - from the first vegetable to the Junior food

Holle Baby Food test

Anyone who has already tested the Hollebaby food knows that organic baby food is not only very good in terms of taste, but also enjoys the highest degree of trust among people who cultivate a healthy lifestyle.

Holle Baby Food order online

At, your online health food store, you can also order Hollebaby food online. Whether you are looking for delicious organic baby bottles with fruit or vegetables or baby food in organic quality. You will find what you are looking for.

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