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Cashew is a particularly creamy treat that is suitable for many recipes. Cashew is extremely versatile and provides a hearty, sweet and sweet dish for a successful note thanks to its typical taste. In addition, Cashemus offers a wider range of health benefits so you can enhance your diet with Cashemus. Do not be afraid of calories in cashewm. Surely, cashew kernels contain a certain amount of fat, but it is the healthy fats that your body is dependent on.

Cashew Butter

The use of cashew is not only in the vegan cuisine, Cashewm is suitable for a lot of delicious dishes and is excellent for overcooking dishes and oven dishes. Use cashew cream as a cream substitute in frying dishes and save yourself animal milk products. Just add a tablespoon of cashew sauce to the finished sauce, or the finished dish and stir the whole thing well. Let the whole thing boil again and it gets stronger. By the way, a blob of cashew also tastes wonderful in a vegan chili stew. It even softens the sharpness, if you have meant it too well with seasoning.
An absolute secret tip is baking with cashew. If you prefer "cheesy" from the taste, just mix some cashew with a little lemon juice and yeast flakes and spice the mixture with salt and freshly ground pepper. Pour the cashew cream over your finished casserole and let the mold bake briefly in the oven. You will be enthusiastic and your guests, of course, as well.

Cashew Butter healthy

Since we mainly offer high-quality organic food in our assortment, the Rapunzel Cashewm and the Terrasana Cashewm consists primarily of cashew nuts. Since cashew nuts are just as nutrient full of important nutrients, one can count cashewm to the healthy food. Cashew kernels are very nutritious and are therefore an integral part of healthy cuisine. They have a high proportion of magnesium and phosphorus, which helps in strengthening bones and teeth. Add to this the polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamins A, B, D and E, which all have a positive effect on the whole body. Just the healthy fats are needed by the body. They ensure that fat-soluble vitamins (vitamin A, D, E, and K) can only be absorbed by the body and are of great importance for a healthy and intact cell membrane. Cashew kernels have a high protein content, which makes them very popular with athletes. A high protein content is of great importance for muscle building as well as for weight loss. Even if you have a high nutrient content of around 550 kilocalories per 100 grams, the cashews provide for a long saturation and at the same time stimulate the digestion. However, in the event of a desired weight reduction, care should be taken that not too many of the cashew kernels or cashewm are eaten. By the way, even if it is often said, cashew nuts are not at all the nuts, but are, from a botanical point of view, the kernels of the fruit of the cashew tree. The fruit is called cashew apple.

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