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Organic Coffee 100% Veganisation Certified

We are proud of our Organic Coffe in our online shop called VEGANISATION this store offers organic coffee in great and underrecognized quality FAIRTRADE All our processes are standarized to guarantee absolute Quality. Where to buy Organic Coffee ? Online Shop . Weguarantee: 14 years of experience, the toughest International Certificates for Fair Trade and Organic origins, and the endorsement of the German Veganisation Assosiation of Specialty Coffee. Anywhere in the Globe you are, you can have


...and more organic, vegan, vegetarian oustanding products on Heavy Chemicals - Coffee is the heaviest chemically treated food commodity in the world. The most common chemical used in coffee production is synthetic petroleum based fertilizers which slowly destroy the soil's fertility and seep into local water supplies. Deforestation - Coffee trees do not naturally grow in direct sunlight, but under the shade of dense rainforest. To increase productivity, the coffee industry has developed sun-resistant coffee tree hybrids that have come to comprise approximately 70% of the world's coffee production. As a result rainforest is being cleared at alarming rates to make room for new, sun resistant coffee trees. Certified Organic - For Urth, certified organically grown means coffee that is 100% chemical free. Inspectors test soil, leaf, and beans for chemical residue; as well regularly inspecting roasting facilities. Our farms of veganisation practice sustainable agriculture and only plant natural, non-sun resistant coffee trees grown deep in the dense shade of the rainforest canopy. Our coffees are grown at the highest altitudes from the original coffee seed stock of old Typica and Bourbon trees and are produced according to the finest European processing standards. Fair Trade - Veganisation´s coffees are bought at a guaranteed premium, usually three times more than the highest market price for conventional coffee. We want to know that the passion and hard work that goes into growing Urth coffees will result in fair wages and better living conditions for our farmers.

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