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Stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, alcohol consumption and long nights strain on our bodies more and more. You probably know also the want to just want to feel in your own body again probably.
It must be the time-consuming detox diet is not always the same.

Skinny tea detox
Just enjoy time out with our best detox tea mixtures of Lebensbaum and Pukka.
Accompany your meal with plenty of still mineral water and nourish balanced and full-fledged. Move around in the fresh air and take their environment especially was aware. Let sometimes the TV and relax. Pamper yourself with a full bath with a special bath additive. Let the soul trees and enjoy the moment. You will feel how comfortable you feel back into their skin and experience your own detox tea experiences.

Detox tea benefits
Thank the compilation of selected beneficial plants and herbs, you can experience the full effects of a detox teas. So fennel, anise or peppermint have a beneficial effect on the whole body and can assist your body in digestion and your liver with detoxification.
To the drainage of your body to support also green tea detox is ideal.

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