Healthy Muesli & Cereals

With a muesli you start already with a flourish in the day and stick to it long tired. Whether you opt for the preparation of a classic bircher muesli recipe with oats, dried fruits and nuts, or rather create your own
granola muesli. You determine with the ingredients you've selected your or my müsli itself. You decide on the calories and nutritional values of your muesli.
By wholesome ingredients in our product range your cereal in addition to complex carbohydrates, valuable protein, and healthy fats abundant minerals and vitamins is included.

Use ingredients like hemp seeds or flax seeds, thus increasing the protein and omega-3 fatty acids content.
Fresh chopped seasonal fruit rounds off your muesli.
So you can, if you like, take a day a new creation on the kitchen table. Or prepare your cereal mix to in larger portions in advance and have it in the morning quickly and easily.

Al liquid for your cereal has quite simply proven either boiling water, by soaking the ingredients over a certain time or try out the different plant varieties drinks, which are now available.

To have an even greater chance your cereal to give your personal touch.
Do you prefer it, however, prefer something simple and uncomplicated, we offer course also a great selection of ready cereal mixtures and porridge for breakfast varieties (including chia seeds) in our assortment.

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