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Nut Butter has become more and more popular in recent times, since people have become more and more aware of a healthy and healthy diet. Nussmus offers a variety of advantages. With Veganisation, your online health food store, you can buy the best Nussmus. We offer exclusively high quality nut shell from famous manufacturers so that you get the best nutrients of the nuts. Nussmus is extremely versatile and comes in many different varieties on our kitchen table. Here you can learn everything about almond, earth almond, sesame, cashew, hazelnut etc.

Nut Butter use

Nut Butter can be used for many delicious recipes. Whether for sweets or hearty dishes, Nussmus is suitable for many dishes.

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Nut Butter healthy

In high-quality nutmeg, the clenched power of the nuts, i. They are also found in a nutmeg mineral, vitamin E and especially the healthy fats, for which nuts are so known. Although fat is often badly appreciated, the body depends on fat being involved in many important processes and tasks. Thus fat is essential for an intact cell membrane and component of the joint lubrication. In addition, fat is needed to absorb the fat-soluble vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin K. For this reason you should always eat some fat to carrots, so that the body can use the vitamin A at all.

Nut Butter makes fat?

Compared to protein and carbohydrates with 4 calories per gram, fat provides a decent 9 kcal per gram, which is why caution is required when using fats. If you want to take care of your line and take it off vegan, you should access Nussmus rather sparingly, but you do not have to give up completely.

Nut Butter manufacture

For the production of nutmeg, nuts, seeds or seeds are taken from controlled organic cultivation and roasted in hot air at temperatures between 120 and 140 degrees Celsius depending on the variety. In this way you get a delicious pure nutmeg, which can already taste delicious. Nussmus can also be further refined to other ingredients. Cocoa, raw cane sugar, Agavendicksaft or vanilla powder create creamy treats. Our organic nut mousses do not contain additives such as emulsifiers or stabilizers, so you can taste the pure nut. When the nuts are ground, the nut oil is released, giving the nutmeg the special consistency. For this reason, the oil can settle in a longer storage, which is absolutely not a quality deficiency, but stands for the natural lethargy of the product.

Nut Butter homemade

Of course, you can also make Nussmus yourself. But you need a really powerful high-performance mixer with a lot of power.

Nut Butter storage

Always remove with a clean spoon
Drain the nut oil on the mush and stir again just before consumption
Storage at room temperature and light-protected or in the refrigerator

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