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Silken Tofu buy online cheap in your online health food store. In our Onlineshop you will find besides Tofu also a selection of Silken Tofu. So if you want to buy Silken Tofu, just have a look at our Seidofofu category. There is something for everyone. Tofu should already be yours. But Seidentofu is still considered a small secret tip, since it differs from traditional tofu and also has a slightly different application area. We will explain to you in this article, among other things, what they can do with the silkof everything great, the difference to the tofu and why the silkofu is particularly suitable for desserts.

Difference Tofu Silken Tofu

Silken Tofu, like normal tofu, also consists of soy, water and coagulants. However, this is not the same product. Silken Tofu has a much higher proportion of liquid, which is why the silk is creamier and softer.

Silken Tofu nutritional values

Silken Tofu offers nutritional values ??that are also ideal for weight loss, for example.

Here you will find the nutritional value of Silken Tofu per 100g.
Depending on the product, there may be slight variations:

2.3g fat
1.6g carbohydrates
4g of protein

Silken Tofu Dessert

A dessert dessert is particularly tasty and varied. Enchant your guests with such a delicious creme.

Silken Tofu recipe

Are you looking for the right Seidento recipe? Just have a look at our recipes database. Due to the increasing popularity of Seidentofu, there are now also more and more delicious and healthy recipes, in which Seidentofu is used. On the net you will find great recipes for different dishes. Here is a small selection of dishes, which you can cook or bake with silk sauce.
We will deal with special desserts in the next paragraph, so they are not listed here:

Vegan scrambled eggs with silk fancy
Quiche with silkofu
Various soups and creams with silk fancy
Dips from silkofu

Silken Tofu dessert recipes

This is not enough, even in dessert, silk is more than interesting. Because of its texture or consistency (soft and creamy), Seidentofu is a good substitute for dairy products such as cream, curd or yoghurt. For the following recipes and dishes, Seidentofu is an ingredient:

Sweet creams
Fry the roast

Due to its creamy consistency, Silken Tofu is less suitable for frying. You can give it to a pan, but it is more like a creamy sauce instead of a solid roast. The only possibility would be with him, for example. To fill jalapenos and to bread them and then to bake them in hot fat.

Make Silken Tofu more solid

For example, With guar gum or agar agar.

Silken Tofu is versatile

Silken Tofu brings swing into your kitchen and can be prepared very differently. The many tasty recipes definitely make you want more. In our shop you can order the right products for your dishes. Thanks to our online offer, it is no longer a problem to buy Silken Tofu. We wish you lots of fun. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. We always give our best and look forward to your message.

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