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Buy Pea Protein at Veganisation

Pea protein is a herbal source of protein that, in addition to the combination of essential and non-essential amino acids, contains a vitality of vital and mineral substances. The pea protein is an excellent nutritional supplement for athletes, vegans, vegetarians and all those who want to increase the protein content in the diet. This also includes seniors who want to counter the age-related muscle reduction.

Pea protein for muscle growth

Proteins, or the amino acids from which a protein consists, are the basic building blocks of the body's proteins and thus the entire body tissue. These include the muscles, but also the skin, the connective tissue and much more. Even enzymes and hormones are small proteins. By the so-called protein synthesis, the body forms its own tissue and also a stable immune system. If you train hard and expose your muscles to a slightly higher rate than they were used to before, you will have small micro-injuries in the muscle fibers. Subsequently, the body needs protein from the diet as a repair material for the muscles. The higher the quality of the supply with the corresponding amino acids, the better the body can use these. The muscle fibers thicken so that they can withstand the strain better next time and become stronger and bigger. For a woman this is, of course, only to a certain extent, due to the naturally lower testosterone value. Anyone who relies on muscle building should also pay attention to the supply of valuable protein and for sufficient resting phases.

Pea protein for allergies and intolerances

Pea protein is an ideal source of protein for allergy sufferers and people who suffer from intolerance, since it is naturally free of lactose, gluten, egg and soy. Thus, the bulk of these risks can be avoided with pea protein. In contrast to animal proteins, pea protein contains less saturated fats and less cholesterol, but important unsaturated fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Pea protein for a stronger potency

Pea protein also contains a high proportion of the amino acid arginine. Nitric oxide (NO) from L-arginine is formed in the man's corpus luteum. This ensures better circulation. A regular intake of L-arginine can lead to an increased erection. If at the same time a preparation with Maca is taken, the same can even more positively affect the libido and potency.

Buy the best pea protein

With Veganisation, you will receive only high-quality pea protein from tried and tested companies like Sunwarrior, Growing Naturals, Garden of Life, Begreen and Vega One. In addition, you can choose whether to choose a pea protein isolate, ie, a protein powder containing pea protein only, e.g. The Growing Naturals pea protein or a vegan protein powder that utilizes the benefits of multiple protein sources.

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