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In addition to almond milk and oat milk rice milk is another popular alternative to milk. Because rice milk not only tastes good, it is also healthy. Through their natural sweetness it is particularly suitable for desserts, protein shakes or smoothies. Simply use in their recipe rice milk or instead soy rice milk. Of course, you can make rice milk itself, but test quiet only times the different varieties. We offer rice milk to either pure or mixed, such as almond rice milk, coconut ricemilk or hazelnut rice milk. Try at times but also a chocolate rice pudding . You will see what possibilities there are delicious with rice milk.

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In addition to almond milk and oat milk, Reismilch is another popular alternative to milk. Because Reismmilch not only tastes good, it is also healthy. Due to its natural sweetness it is particularly suitable for desserts, protein hakes or even smoothies.

What is Rice Milk?

Rice Milk can not be called milk, since it does not come from the udder of an animal. For the sake of simplicity, rice drink is often referred to as a re-milk. Reismilch itself is a thin, whitish liquid reminding of the fragrance and taste of rice. For Reismilch, boiled whole-grain rice is pureed, mixed with water, filtered and then fermented or emulsified to ensure consistency. Since only a small fraction of the nutrients of the whole grain rice itself is removed, since most of the nutrients are removed by filtration, some manufacturers add additives such as calcium, vitamin B12 or sweeteners such as Agavendicksensaft.

Rice Milk itself

Of course, you can make Reismilch yourself, but first try the different varieties. We offer Reismmilch either pure or as a mix, as for example. Reiki milk with almonds, coconut or hazelnut. Try a Reismilch chocolate. You will see the delicious possibilities offered by Rice Milk.

Rice Milk Recipe

Just use in their recipe Rice Milk or even instead of soybean Reismilch. With Rice Milk very delicious recipes can be conjured. Let your guests delight with a creme of rice, such as a delicious pudding with fresh fruit or a delicious milk rice with cinnamon. The Reismmilch tastes excellent with the rice, which gives a very good combination.

Rice milk for lactose intolerance

Rice Milk is naturally lactose-free, which means it is excellently suitable for people who suffer from lactose intolerance or milk protein energy. In the case of a lactose intolerance, the body does not form enough of the enzyme lactase. Lactase is important to divide the milk sugar (lactose) into the monosaccharides (single sugar) galactose and glucose, so that they are available to the digestive system. If the lactose is not sufficiently cleaved, it enters the intestine undigested. Here, the Darmbacteria are attacking the lactose and begin to form gases which lead to flatulence and cramp-like convulsions. Another problem is that lactose is very strongly water-binding. In the intestine, larger amounts of fluid accumulate, causing diarrhea. So you see, even for people who do not feed purely vegan, Rice Milk is a welcome alternative to the usual cow's milk.

The most delicious Rice Milk in your city

With Veganisation, your online reform house you can of course also buy the best Reismlich. We offer you Reismilch from different well-known manufacturers, such as:

Provamel Reismilch
Alpro Reismilch
Natumi Reismilch
Allos rice drink

Rice milk for vegans

Thanks to the regular boom in recent years and the ever-increasing enthusiasm for a plant nutrition, the need for plant-based milk replacement has also increased. The reasons for a vegan diet can be very diverse. Above all, the focus is on animal welfare, but also on the environment. Finally, keeping livestock, in particular the keeping of masses, is a major environmental burden. Health also plays a role when it comes to choosing a herbal diet. The market has adjusted itself and supplies us with a variety of delicious milk alternatives. This also includes the Rice Milk.

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