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22.09.2015 12:54

Sprouts - by them online

Sprouts are absolute superstars in the kitchen,
because the little powerhouses are packed with vitamins,
enzymes and anti-oxidants. Unfortunately, they are not
always in the vegetable sections of our supermarkets or
offered at the weekly market. But that does not matter,
because with the sprouting seeds of Sonnentor You can with little effort,
place or even a special green thumb the small
power plants draw on your home window sill.
You need to shoot only raising a glass that you either
cover with a cloth or your fixed spanned uses a special
germ glass, is that closed with a screen lid. Usually have
these glasses in addition to a device so that it can set up your right oblique.
1. Give 1-2 tablespoons Sonnentor Keimsaat in the glass and pouring it
with twice the amount of water on (room temperature).
Let the seeds depending on variety for 6-8 hours to soak.
Pour off the water and puts the glass at an angle on your window sill.
So can drain the remaining water. Abstain from direct sunlight.
2. Flush the seed 2-3 times daily with water through. The water should
At room temperature. For cold water slows the germination process
and warm water can get moldy sprouts.
3. After 2-3 days you can see the first changes depending on the variety.
After 4-6 days, the sprouts are edible.
If you on the last day of the sun, so they can once again make chlorophyll.
Beat the rungs for storage in a kitchen towel
and stores them in the vegetable drawer of your refrigerator.
The sprouts taste best fresh and so should
soon as possible to be consumed. Make sure that the sprouts
Do not store damp, as they form mildew otherwise.
Since the seeds are the concentrated core of a plant,
is especially important the origin. With the sprouting seeds of
Sonnentor your benefits from really high organic quality.
The company sets its standards namely much higher than a
common ecolabels requires. The founder Johannes Gutmann was
today Biotrend far veraus. He founded his company already
1988 with the ulterior motive that farmers in the niederösterreischischem Waldviertel,
in which he had grown to market. The products should immediately
House are finished, what the small peasant farms to date at all a
Survival possibility offers. Following these guidelines, the company works
Sonnentor still successful. Long since they deliver not only in Austria.
Germany, Switzerland and the Czech Republic have come up with the most important
Markets developed. But the Sun Gate GmbH supplies its products now
worldwide and continues to develop in a positive direction. So they not only ensures
jobs and yards (150 certified organic farms) in the region, but also their
own about 170 employees.
Meanwhile, there is even a branch in the Czech Republic and Romania,
as well as a growing area in Albania, where the raw materials are grown,
for in Austria, the climate is not suitable.
Of course, the issue of climate change is very big in the
Sonnentor herbs Handels GmbH posted. The company pays attention to
Protection of our resources by using biodegradable films,
Zero energy office and event space has construted and two new
Photovoltaic systems has built. Of course, even when transportation
attention to climate change. Sonnentor provides since August 2010
Elektrotankstelle free of charge and has its own
Fleet expanded by two electric vehicles.
The delicious selection of Sun Gate sprouting seeds can be found in our shop.
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