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Soy cream buy at

Soy cream from Alpro and much more with veganisation. Soy cream is healthy and can also be made with a lot of effort. Soy cream buy at veganisation, your online health food store. To all Vegans and to all vegetarians as well as Flexitariers: Watch out, there is now a herbal alternative to cream from animal origin. The "soya cream". Now everyone is happy because they have done something for the animals again and made the world a bit better. It can be so simple.

Soy cream

Soy cream to beat up can be perfectly stiff and is suitable for vegan cakes, desserts and, of course, to decorate the cake. I bet with them no one will realize that someone has just eaten cream without milk. Your guests will be delighted and you have the aha effect on their side. Use a dab of soy cream to refine your soups and sauces, providing you with a luscious taste experience.

Soy cream calories

Depending on the variety, soya cream contains fewer calories, than ordinary cream from cow's milk. This makes soy cream also the ideal ingredient for recipes for slimming. The Alpro Soja Cuisine Light, for example, is also a light variant for the especially figurative people.

Soy cream with lactose intolerance

Naturally, since soy cream does not contain any lactose, it is also suitable for people with lactose intolerance. In this ever-widening complaints, the human organism does not form enough of the enzyme lactase. This enzyme is responsible for the digestion of lactose (lactose). If the lactose is not sufficiently cleaved, it enters the intestine undigested. Here the intestinal bacteria are looking forward and immediately fall on the milk sugar, whereby gases arise. Flatulence and convulsive abdominal pain are the result. In addition, lactose is very water-binding, which often leads to digestive problems such as diarrhea after the consumption of cow's milk products.

Soy cream for vegans

The number of people who deliberately waive the consumption of animal products continues to grow. The reasons for this can be very diverse. Above all, the focus is on animal welfare. Because it has long been rumored that in the mast plants and dairy farms unfortunately is not always particularly animal-friendly. Animal husbandry in such large quantities is an enormous burden for the environment, and this is an important point when it comes to the decision for a vegan diet. Animal protection and environmental protection are very close together, and a conscious decision for more sustainability is beneficial not only to ourselves, but also to our planet. Another important point is certainly that the consumption of more herbal, but less animal products, offers numerous health benefits.

Soy cream Alpro

Alpro is one of the absolute market leaders in the field of herbal milk alternatives. The Alpro soy cream is part of our range. With us you get the classic Alpro Sojasahne, Alpro Sojasahne light and Alpro Soja Culinary in the 1 l advantage pack for the catering trade as well as for large families.

Soy cream homemade

If you plan to make your own soya cream, you will find different recipes on the Internet. But one thing all soy sauce recipes have in common. The base always forms a Sojamilch, or Sojadrink, from which the soy cream is produced. In addition to this comes either vinegar, lemon juice or as in our recipe carrot kernel flour, which provides for a thick consistency. Carob kernel flour is an all-natural product made from the seeds of the carob tree. This tree is growing in the Mediterranean. In the industry, carob kernel flour is used for cold-binding food, e.g. Ice cream. Our soy cream recipe is suitable only for cooking soups and sauces or for the production of creamy salad dressings. It can not be opened.

Soy cream recipe

225 ml soy milk (drink) unsweetened
50 ml high-quality sunflower oil or rapeseed oil
1 Blade of Corn Stirred Cornmeal

Mix all ingredients with a blender. Transfer the finished soy cream into a container with a lid such as a screw glass and keep in a refrigerator.

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