Terms of service

Terms and Conditions / Legal Information Required

1 scope

The following terms and conditions are the basis for all business relationships which create www.veganisation.de about the use of online shops. They also contain information about the rights and obligations of e-commerce and distance selling . In addition, information concerning the treatment to be given to personal data. The conditions are valid in the version that is valid during the time of the order or the use of www.veganisation.de .

An indication of the then-current Terms and Conditions to be applicable to the contract documents mailed to you . In addition, our online presence at the link the current version at any time : www.veganisation.de be viewed.

Deviating terms and conditions of contract partners are not automatically of us
accepted , but require the explicit written consent.

2 Contractor & contract

Responsible contractor for www.veganisation.de is :

Veganisation UG ( limited liability)
GF : Daniel Friedl
Commercial ring 3
86698 Oberndorf


called "operator" hereinafter referred to as

The operator presented through its online presence www.veganisation.de goods & services mainly in the food sector. This situation is , however, not be regarded as legally binding offer , and thus the conclusion of purchase contracts .
For all legal binding contracts the German language shall prevail .

3 costs

The use of the online presence www.veganisation.de sees itself as free until orders via the portal be triggered.
For orders the respective meanings given prices at the time of the ordering process .
The prices on veganisation.de are inclusive of VAT currently applicable in Germany .

4 Orders & contract

By pressing the button " Order Now" you will be a legally binding as a buyer
To conclude a purchase contract for the goods and services delivered range from their shopping cart. Until then, you can make changes to make cart content (deleting, adding, changing the quantity of basket items )
You get on receipt of your contract offer on a ended by e -mail order confirmation .

An acceptance of their offer , and therefore the legal effects are concluded a contract of sale is made through an e- mail about the composition of the basket of goods ordered or the delivery of the goods. To this end, the operator has a period of one week from receipt of the offer .

5 Shipping & Delivery

The delivery costs are shown separately in cart and add up to the value of goods ordered . Delivery will be made to the address specified by you in the completed order form and during the period of your selected delivery time window. We will deliver your order to the first locked door or the entrance of the delivery address . Normally we deliver orders within 1 - 2 business days. Should contrary to this delivery time expected to change something , we will contact you .

If the goods at the specified delivery address / delivery address
could not be submitted , please contact with our customer service . The additional costs incurred for a further delivery or restocking the goods enter as a customer. We strive to deliver all your goods in the agreed time window , but are not liable if due to adverse circumstances this is not possible .

6 Availability

If for any reason goods ordered not to the desired date of delivery
stand , the tender offer will change automatically , without the consent of the customer on the available
Crowd. A claim to subsequent delivery of quantities missing is this at any time. However, the operator is allowed to complete complementary or similar products to propose to the customer.

7 payment

Payment : goods will be shipped on our account upon receipt of you

COD: invoice amount is collected by the parcel delivery company ( delivery charges Veganisation . 8,90 - € + 2 € fee of DHL)

Credit Card: The credit card holder will be charged directly after the purchase process

Debit : The amount is collected within the specified time limit from your bank account by the company Novalnet .

Immediately transfer : TÜV tested transfer system for immediate payment of online purchases . Please TAN ready.

Bill : The company Novalnet ( infoatnovalnet.de ) takes over the call and is in terms of pay / reminder your partner. Payment must be made mandatory to the company Novalnet . If payment is still to Veganisation there is no guarantee that do not incur a debt collection or late payment fees . In this case, without delay and in any case before the receivable is due be contacted with Veganisation to prevent the further course of dunning . Too late responses will not be accepted .

8 Returns, revocation , warranty

Until the confirmation of the order by e- mail about the composition of the goods is up to the customer distance from its contract offer to take.
During the delivery of the goods is the cart to be checked by the customer for completeness and for deficiencies and acknowledge the driver with his signature .
Deficiencies and shortfalls need to the customer immediately on delivery of the goods
be asserted. You are free replacement delivery of the goods or a credit of the
To demand a good value. The adoption of the remaining basket of goods may, however, shortages
or defects occur and not be denied. Be devoted from the cancellation refunds will immediately make itself , or seeing to by the company Novalnet Veganisation .

It should be noted that and the supply of foodstuffs , beverages
Household items of daily use , excluding the provisions for
Distance contracts takes place, and open or particularly perishable goods with expiry date are excluded from the withdrawal . A return can generally only after
Consultation be recognized. Freight collect shipments will not be accepted .

9 Privacy Policy

See separate Privacy Policy

10 Others

The law of the Federal Republic of Germany under exclusion of the UN Sales Convention. This also applies when ordered from a country other than Germany .
If the customer is a merchant, the exclusive jurisdiction for any disputes arising out of or in
Connection with the business relationship Oberndorf. The same place of jurisdiction applies if the
Domicile or permanent residence of the customer at the time the action is filed not
are known. If the customer has no general jurisdiction in Germany , is the exclusive
Jurisdiction the registered office of Veganisation UG, Oberndorf.

Should one or more provisions be invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions .

* All prices inclusive legal VAT