Vegan Baking with

A vegetarian lifestyle is today already no waiver. Whether cakes, cookies, tarts or other fine pastries. This sweet delicacy are of course also feasible vegan and do not require any animal products. Even baking without eggs succeeds wonderfully with our egg substitute in baking (like flax).
Surprise your family with favorite classic brick works such as marble cake, vegan chocolate cake and Donauwelle.
But the modern Cake Pops and juicy chocolate muffins succeed without problems and encounter with your friends certainly on great joy.

Enchant your guests with your cookie recipe, muffin recipes or create your own cake works from shortcrust pastry, sponge cake and cream seductive. Use tie instead of gelatin agar. Decorate cakes self works just fine with purely herbal ingredients.
A vegan cake can be anything, but certainly never boring.

Have you ever thought to bake their own bread? This is not so complicated and time consuming, as is often imagined. Use either a bread recipes from our database, or try our Bauckhof baking mix for bread. You will be amazed how easy it is. Of course you can whim add more refined ingredients such as grains, sun-dried tomatoes or onions.

Of course, vegans do not give up a hot, delicious pizza. We offer high quality organic flours from Bauckhof and of course pizza dough mixes. And not just in whole grains, but also gluten free. Assign your heart's content with a fine aromatic tomato sauce and fresh or pickled vegetables. Your Vegan Pizza Of course, the obligatory cheese may not be missing. Again, have the perfect and above all tasty solution for you. For delicious cheese for pizza, casseroles and sandwiches you will find Wilmersburger and Daiya.


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