Cake decorating with veganisation

Decorating cakes is the highlight of a cake, so that it not only tastes very well, but also gets the finishing touches. After all, the eye is also with and what would be a delicious cake without a magnificent decoration? Just as varied as a cake can be decorated is also the range of possibilities. At, your online health food store, you get a variety of ways to decorate your pies and let your creativity run wild.

Cake Decorating Instructions

With our cake decorating guide you can decorate the cake quite easily. A cake can really decorate everyone with the products of BioVegan such as, For example the food color or the colorful sugar sprinkles.
With a butter cream, a cake is easy to apply. For a vegan butter cream, simply use vegetable margarine, which solidifies when cooled. It is worth a larger amount of buttercream to prepare, since you can freeze it very well and thaw again. In addition, the butter cream can be dyed very well with food color. If you want to color your butter cream, you should start with a little less color and color it in tiny quantities, otherwise it can happen that too much color is added and the color becomes very strong. In addition, it often happens that the butter cream darkens or after-dyes. Therefore, should be dyed really carefully.

As a first step, the cake is filled, e.g. With a flavored butter cream or a thin layer of jam.
Then the cake is coated from the outside, but first thin, then bind the crumbs and create a clean background. The cake is then placed in the refrigerator for about an hour, so that the butter cream becomes firm.
Once the first buttercreme layer becomes firm, you can apply it thickly. Spread the cream from the center over the edge and sides. Always put a lot of butter cream on top of it, then spread the dough card over the edges and sides until they are smooth. Be sure to create a straight surface and even edges. Afterwards, the cake before the decorating again for about an hour in the refrigerator, so that a beautiful solid surface is created.
Now it's time to decorate. Take everything you want. There are beautiful sugar sprinkles, pearls, flowers, etc. You can, of course, also work with a spray bag and butter cream, but be sure to put it in the ice compartment, because the body warmth of the hands will make it fluid So good processing.

Cake Decorating with marzipan

Decorating cakes with marzipan can be particularly creative, because of marzipan fantastic figures can be designed. Now even more colorful for the most beautiful cake of your life. Naturally, everything is in the best organic quality and vegan. In addition to the cake decorating with cream, the cake decorating with marzipan is probably one of the most famous ways to conjure up fantastic decorations from his bakeries and to amaze his friends and families. The possibilities for decorating cakes with marzipan are very diverse. This is the way to make a cake with the famous marzipan corner, so that it remains beautifully juicy. An absolute highlight, which certainly needs a certain amount of skill, are magical figures and flowers made of marzipan. Do not worry, with a bit of practice you will be able to get this guaranteed.
In addition to its decorative appearance, marzipan offers a further advantage, because marzipan has been appreciated for centuries as a treat. This results in marzipan with very little raw material. Marzipan originally consists only of almonds, sugar and rose water. If you want to make marzipan once, just use the finely ground almonds and then add powdered sugar and some rose water and knead well. The main ingredients of the marzipan are from the Orient. Here the calorie-rich delicacy probably sweetened the life of the harem ladies. When the Arabs came to Europe through Spain, they naturally had this special feature in their luggage. The special treat, however, was initially only reserved for kings and nobles, since the ingredients of the marzipan were very precious at that time. The word marzipan comes from the Italian word Marzapane from the 16th century. In Europe, marzipan was initially produced only by the pharmacists. Here you can still get the rose water needed for the marzipan today. Marzipan is kept for several months as long as it is kept cool and dark. In Germany, marzipan even has a home town, namely Lübeck. According to her, the classic Lübeck marzipan is also named. For this a mürbeteig floor with several layers of biscuit and a nutty marzipan cream crème alternates. The whole is then covered with a marzipan blanket and decorated according to the one with Sahnetuffs or also small Marzipankügelchen.
However, if you have a lot of trouble, you can certainly fall back on the finished marzipan. Depending on which project you are planning, you can of course also color marzipan with food color and thus achieve a desired effect.

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