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We will gladly pack your gifts for you! If you do not already have an idea, which will make your loved one a joy, our veganisation voucher should be just right for you. So the or the recipient has the possibility with us in the online reform house to heartbreak to browse and to choose something beautiful.

Vegan Christmas

Celebrate with us vegan Christmas and enchant your family and joy with numerous vegan delicacies. What used to be like an emergency solution, because vegan food was not yet established, is now absolutely no rarity. It does not necessarily always goose, roast and co. To celebrate a peaceful Christmas. Browse for heartfelt in our vegan foods for VEGANE CHRISTMAS. Here you will find everything you need for a cozy Christmas party with your loved ones. If you need inspiration for a Christmas menu, our vegan 4-course menu is a very special inspiration.

Everything you need for Vegan Christmas

People who eat vegan, that is to say purely vegetable, dispense with animal food for different reasons. Lactose intolerance is nowadays a widespread problem, which prevents many people from enjoying chocolate. For these people, our vegan chocolate, vegan chocolate is a Christmas present
Or even the Vegan Advendtskalender a joyous and welcome change. Of course the friends of mulled wine and punch can not be missed. What better way to warm up after a long walk in the cold on a beautiful cup of mulled wine.

Vegan Christmas and cookies

Vegan Baking gets a special place at Christmas time. We offer you everything you need for your Christmas bakery. From organic flour to nuts and vanilla. But even if you do not plan to bake and do not want to do without Christmas cookies, you can also find at, among other things. Speculatius for your Christmas dish. 

Vegan Christmas - The Feast of Love

Christmas is often called the feast of love, so let us celebrate it also in the sense of the animals. Even if you have no relation to a vegan food, our fine and tasty treats could be the right occasion to simply add more herbal foods to your diet. You will be surprised how tasty they are.

Vegan Christmas with

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