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10.03.2014 09:49

Vanessa Vegan Fitness Model at

Presenting " Vegan Choaching " with personal vegan and fitness choaching!

You can choose between "Vanessa" the The Vegan Female Fitness Star for just 49,90 Euros 60 min.

or "Daniel" the Founder of Veganisation and Male Fitness and Biochemical Expert 69,90 Euros 60 min.

Go on Google+ or Skype Chat to get in contact now and start your Veganisation!

Whats included in the 60 min choaching ?

1. The Veganisation Nutrition Choaching Program. How can i change my every food into vegan food ? Which poducts can i buy ?

2. The Veganisation Cooking Choach with healthy receipts to cook vegan at home

3. The Veganisation Vegan Diet Concept - Start Your Vegan Diet and Eat Healthy 

4. Vegan Fit The Veganisation Fitness Choach to help you to get closer to your dream body

5. The Motivational Program - We can motivated you. You want to be successfull ? We can motivate you to change your live and achieve your wildest dreams.


If you want to know more about the Veganisation´s Choaching Program pleast contact us.


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