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With us you get egg substitutes for the vegan baking.

Egg substitute for cakes

Vegan cakes and pastries do not have to hide behind their classic models. Especially when vegan baking is very often an egg set is needed. Since eggs do not have different functions during baking, they can not simply be omitted, so a substitute is very often required. They make the cake loose and juicy and ensure that it will rise nicely when eggs are contained. Cookies are brittle by the eggs. At Bratlingen they make sure that the ingredients hold together nicely. Of course, this is no longer possible if the eggs are simply omitted. A good news is that eggs are not the only foods with these characteristics. Also, vegetable foods can make cakes loose, biscuits crumble and sauces. We offer you the best vegan egg products, so you do not have to do without anything in the kitchen and continue to let your imagination run wild. Basically it is about the characteristics, which the egg fulfills to replace and not even around the egg itself.

Egg substitute powder

Especially for vegan people, we offer lots of egg products. But even if you do not have an egg at hand, our egg pack is the best advice. By the way, even some egg replacement products are particularly long lasting, so it can be quite handy to always have the right product at hand at home in the storage cabinet at hand.

Make egg replacement yourself

It does not always have to be a professional egg pack product, there are numerous foods that you can use as an egg set. Here we will show you the best food you can use as an egg set.
Please take into account that not every set of eggs is suitable for every recipe. Always select the appropriate egg set for your recipe.

Egg Substitute Apple sauce

Especially for cakes that have a fruity taste, 60 g of apple sauce for an egg is a very good egg set.

Egg Substitute Chia seeds

The so-called chiagel is made from Chia seeds, which is also excellent as an egg set, especially for cakes, wafers, burgers, pancakes.

Egg Substitute linseeds

A very simple egg substitute is linseed. For this, you have to grind 1 egg flaxseed and stir the so-called "Leinmehl" with 3 tbsp. Water. Let the mixture stand for 10 minutes and use it as an egg substitute for strong wholecorn pastries (biscuits and crackers) in raw food quality.

Egg Substitute Soy products

Soybeans contain much lecithin just like eggs and can replace the binding properties of the ice. 1 tablespoon Sojamehl (full fat) mixed with 2 tablespoons of water replaces 1 to 3 eggs. Silkofu has a binding effect and is excellent for creams and fillings. Also Sojamilch itself is a fantastic egg pack. Soy yoghurt binds and makes a cake juicy.

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