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To eat vegan or vegetarian or even better to live as a decision is taken by more and more people for a variety of reasons , and we have taken. Although the German food market has been caught up in things vegan / vegetarian products in recent years , he is still in its infancy. Our goal with Veganisation is to make especially the vegan / vegetarian diet easier and more practical for everyday use . In order to keep you constantly up to date in terms of V- food we brought over a year ago, the famous Veganisation.de blog at the start and always started to gain more knowledge, information and recipes. In times of stress , double workload and work pressure , we often heard the argument that vegan / vegetarian diet in everyday life is just too cumbersome and time consuming. We also had to make the experience, considering it as a vegan nourishing man has often difficult to find quick and easy meals . Because especially when it comes to ready meals can the supermarket round the corner from the vegans unfortunately still pretty down. For this reason we have decided to expand the blog with a shop which makes it possible to study without the hassle of ingredient lists and buy it within 24 - 48 hours to leave (also refrigerated shipping ) delivered to your home . To give you new ideas and incentives may be the vegan / vegetarian cuisine as diverse at the same time we also switched a Youtube cooking show live . You can find the appropriate links above in the main bar !
We wish you much fun while browsing , order and try at home !
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