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Abrasive Milk products are a real power when it comes to removing stubborn stains in the household. Above all in the kitchen and bathroom the scrubbing agents are used. In our assortment you will find a selection of vegan Abrasive Milk, which was also not developed by animal experiments. So you can use them without a bad conscience in the household.

Abrasive Milk without animal testing

It goes without saying that our Abrasive Milk comes without animal experiments. As already mentioned, scrubby milk is primarily used in kitchens and baths to remove impurities there. A distinction must be made between scrubbing powder and scrubby milk.

Abrasive Milk vegan?

The Abrasive Milk helps against many impurities in the household. Here are some examples for which it may be appropriate. In this context, please always pay attention to the information on the corresponding product:

  • Cleaning of stainless steel surfaces
  • Cleaning of glass cooking areas
  • Fight against greasy stains
  • Remove burnt food
  • Remove stubborn stains

Application of the Abrasive Milk

Please also pay attention to the instructions given by the manufacturer on his product. Scheuermilch products are generally used very similarly, but can still be used differently with regard to the instructions for use. Especially between the individual manufacturers, but also between individual products of a manufacturer, there may be differences.
Otherwise you can orient yourself to it: Shake before use and then apply sparingly. Rub the appropriate surface and rinse off. A further advantage of the Scheuermilch is that usually less water is needed during washing, than with other cleaning agents. Then dry and finished!

Vegan Abrasive Milk at veganisation.de

If you want to switch to a VEGAN ABRASIVE MILK, you will find the perfect products for your needs in our Onlineshop or in our Scheuermilch category. In almost every clean household you can find the Scheuermilch and it is also clear why this is so.
The Abrasive Milk is a very powerful cleaner for many purposes. Especially in the kitchen and bathroom, it ensures a high degree of cleanliness. If you want to announce the fight in the future, you now know what you need.
In our range you will find: Frosch Lavendel Abrasive Milk, Frog Lemon Abrasive Milk and Clear Eco Sensitive Abrasive Milk.

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