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When it comes to high-quality sources of carbohydrates,
amaranth belongs clearly to the diet.
For this mini corn has really something.
Amaranth is not a grain in the traditional sense,
it is one of the so-called pseudo cereals.
Therefore Amaranth contains no gluten and is therefore also
Allergy and those who deliberately avoid gluten in their diet.
An amaranth plant can contain up to 50,000 grains.
The grains are really tiny.
Amaranth is also called Inca rice,
because its main growing region is located in Central and South America.
Amaranth delivers in addition to its complex carbohydrates,
valuable amino acids, fatty acids, minerals and vitamins.
Complex carbohydrates have the advantage
that they are not allowed to rise so rapidly to Blutzuckerspigel.
So cravings be avoided and you stay satisfied long.
The high fiber content supports even more.
Amaranth is not only rich in protein, it also contains all essential amino acids,
which the body can not make itself. Also, the amino acid lysine,
which is represented not always quite as high in vegetable products.
On fatty acids Amaranth offers the high-quality omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.
Which can not be formed by the body itself also
and must be supplied in the diet.
Amaranth is a particular source of important minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc.
The play an important role both for the health, as well as for building muscle.
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Amaranth preparation

Amaranth can prepare quite straightforward.
The grains are simply boiled in water for about 20 minutes.

Amaranth nutrition information

403 calories

61.5 carbohydrate

15.1 protein

7.7 fat




Amaranth buy

You can get amaranth from diffrent brands like Davert and Bohlsener Mühle

Amaranth rezepte gepufft kaufen pops müsli  Amaranth rezepte gepufft kaufen pops müsli


Amaranth pops

A special treat is the puffed amaranth.
Thus fantastic muesli mixes and delicious desserts can be designed.

Amaranth rezepte gepufft kaufen pops müsli


Amaranth Müsli 

Of course you will receave from us already finished mixtures with amaranth

Amaranth rezepte gepufft kaufen pops müsli


You get amaranth with in our high-quality proteinpowder by NutraKey

Amaranth rezepte gepufft kaufen pops müsli


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