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ALSAN-Bio is our margarine for all those who attach importance to excellent taste and top quality, but also the certainty want that the oils and fats derived from organic farming.
For our organic margarine, we use oils and fats from organic farming. In addition ALSAN-Bio is unsalted and not artificially hardened and has all the advantages that already characterize our reform margarine ALSAN-S.

- ALSAN Organic tastes delicious as butter and has a similar solid consistency. Because we use a lot of good-tasting, cool melting coconut oil and a selected cold pressed lemon oil from certified organic.

- ALSAN-Bio is cholesterol free, rich in vitamins and free of milk constituents and thus also suitable for milk protein allergy and lactose intolerance.

- ALSAN Organic not only tastes as a spread but is also excellent for frying and baking

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