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Arche Bamboo Whisk for Matcha Tea

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Matcha green tea is a very special breed of Green Tea. Because matcha tea was once reserved only for the Japanese Empire. For the high-quality organic Matcha the fine tips of green tea leaves are ground and there is the fine Matcha powder. Matcha tea is rich in anti-oxidants and has a particularly stimulating effect on our bodies and minds.
So Matcha tea can be used not only in the early morning to increase energy, but also helps against the so called lunch depth. Replace the soothing tea Matcha feel their mandatory Tassee coffee through a cup of Matcha tea and you will soon effect.

You can beat your smoothies and shakes with matcha tea powder the way and get a special energy kick. Simply enter a pinch of organic Matcha in your drink, stir it well and enjoy the matcha benefits.
Very originel are also more fruit bars or desserts with matcha tea. Another delicious Kultgeränk is the Matcha Latte. For this you simply lather your preferred plants on milk (this are very particularly well the Alpro Professionel varieties) and pour a cup of freshly brewed Matcha Tea transformed and enhanced.
Also very popular is a delicious iced tea from Matcha, because with its refreshingly tart flavor it is a welcome relief not only on hot days.

We offer our range in the way not only the fine organic Matcha Tea by Amanprana and Arche, but also the accessories for the special Matcha preparation such as bamboo broom, with which the tea leaves open Matcha especially airy.

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