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Oat Cream is the delicious and creamy cream substitute for the health-conscious kitchen. A variety of delicious creations are made from oatmeal around the fully-fledged kitchen. We will give you the best tips and tricks about the oatmeal, which is the best oatmeal and what delicious oatmeal recipes there are. In addition, you will learn about the nutritional value of oatmeal and whether it is perhaps even the healthier choice compared to classic cream made from cow's milk. Oat Cream should have their firm place not only in the vegan, speak of the purely vegetable cuisine, Oat Cream is properly prepared a real pleasure.

Oatly cream

Oatly offers a variety of oat products for every taste. Of course, the oatmeal is also a must.

Oat Cream whipped cream

Unfortunately, stiffness does not work. The oatmeal cream is not suitable for this. If you are looking for vegan cream to break up, unfortunately, you have to use soy cream or coconut cream for a break. These are the best alternatives when it comes to whipping cream substitutes. Even if the oatmeal is excellently suited for refining sauces and soups and conjuring delicious desserts, you will not be able to use a vegan whipped cream for some recipes. This is often the case when decorating cake when it comes to making more elaborate creams. For cream creams, however, the oat cream is nevertheless suitable, depending on the recipe.

Oat Cream homemade

Making oatmeal yourself is not necessarily difficult. Only the oat cream then has a different taste or consistency than the professionally made oat cream. If you still want to make your own oatmeal, you will of course find a suitable recipe here. The good news is, you do not need too many ingredients to make your own.
  • 100 g of oat flakes
  • 550 ml of water
  • 1 tablespoon high quality vegetable oil
  • 1 pinch of salt

Add the salt to the oatmeal and mix thoroughly with a portion of the water for 2 minutes. Gradually add the rest of the water and mix again the whole 2 minutes. Add the oil and mix thoroughly for about 90 sec.
Coat a colander with a cotton cloth and sift the oatmeal. With a tea strainer the whole thing is also wonderful. Fill the finished oat cream into a screwed glass and store in a refrigerator. The ready prepared Oat Cream is about 3 days durable.

Is oat cream healthy?

Oats have been an important food for humanity for several centuries and offer a variety of benefits. Due to its relatively high energy content of approximately 370 calories per 100 g, an oat is a real force donor. This makes it very interesting for athletes and people who have a high energy need or have to come back. But do not worry, Oat can not be described as a thickener for this reason. Because oats have a high proportion of dietary fibers that last long and are needed for a healthy digestive system. In addition, oats provide valuable herbal protein, healthy fatty acids and plenty of B vitamins, as well as minerals like magnesium, potassium and iron.
A further advantage is that oatmeal is naturally lactose-free and is therefore excellently suitable for people who consciously or do not use dairy products for lactose intolerance.

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