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The pizza dough is the basic dough for a delicious pizza. A pizza is not a witchcraft. With the right ingredients for pizza dough you can make a great pizza even at home. For a homemade pizza dough you need nothing more than a good flour, yeast and olive oil and, of course, lots of love, strong hands to knead the dough and, of course, plenty of resting time, so that the dough dough can also rise sensibly.

Pizza Dough recipe

Of course you can also find in our recipes database a pizza dough recipe if you want to make pizza dough yourself. For the pizza dough recipe, the flour should first be sieved before processing. For a good Italian pizza dough it is important that this is properly kneaded best with the hands. The Italian pizzabaker does it with the hand and needs a good 10 minutes. You can of course also use a mixer with kneading hooks if you lack the strength. Once a smooth and supple dough has been formed, the dough must go.
For this the dough needs about 1.5 - 2 hours, so that the yeast can fulfill its task and the dough increases. As soon as the dough has risen to twice its circumference, the dough is ready. The best way to do it is to go to grandmother's times and leave the bowl in the bed under the bedspread.
However, if you are hungry and want to quickly conjure up a delicious pizza dough recipe on the table, you will find a fine selection of ready-made pizza pies, which can be prepared quickly. In addition, you will get a lot of delicious ingredients with which you can copy your personal favorite recipe.

Pizza Dough without yeast

Many people ask themselves whether a pizza dough is possible without yeast, of course it goes. Our pizza dough without yeast formula proves it to you. For a pizza dough recipe without yeast, baking soda is generally used, so that the dough nevertheless becomes nicely fluffy in the oven. There are also numerous variations for pizza dough without yeast, e.g. From linseed or even from cauliflower. Even if the classic pizza dough recipe is a yeast dough, the other pizza dough recipes absolutely do not hide behind it.

Pizza dough recipe for a vegan pizza

In this video our Vanessa shows you on our YouTube channel how to quickly and easily conjure up a delicious pizza and the completely without animal products. This pizza is suitable not only for vegans, but also for people who are conscious of the consumption of animal products, but also for people who suffer from lactose intolerance. Because, unfortunately, it is always the case that milk or cream is used in a pizza dough recipe, although this is not foreseen in a classic recipe. If you want to use your pizza dough, you just need a good tomato sauce to fill the pizza dough. Just add some grilled vegetables and use our delicious vegan cheese substitute as a covering. So you can be sure and get a fantastic vegan pizza with which you will bring yourself and your guests to the absolute enthusiasm.

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