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With Veganisation, we are very clear that Vegan Bodybuilding and Vegan Fitness is absolutely no contradiction. Numerous athletes have also shown that a pure herbal diet does not stand in the way of physical and mental excellence. On the contrary, since physically stressful substances such as cholesterol and other unhealthy fats are eliminated, many athletes even report increased vitality and performance. As in conventional sports, nutritional supplements are both helpful and necessary. Depending on physical and mental stress due to intensive training, the body is dependent on an additional supply of nutrients.
Vegan Creatine plays a special role as, just like vitamin B12, it is almost exclusively present in animal foods. While vitamin B12 is still present in dairy products and eggs, creatine is the only source of food for consumption.

What is Creatine?

Creatine is an organic acid that is stored in our body for the energy supply, especially in skeletal muscle. The body forms the creatine from the amino acids glycine, arginine and methionine in the kidneys, the salivary glands and for the most part in the liver. From there the creatine migrates through the blood into the respective target organs. These include skeletal muscle, heart muscle, retina (eyes), nerves and the brain.
Approx. Half of the daily requirement of creatine is produced by the human body itself, the other half is absorbed through the food in the form of meat and fish.
Excess creatine is excreted as creatinine via the kidneys.

What does the body need for creatine?

Creatine or creatine phosphate is needed for the energy supply. So that a muscle can contract and relax a muscle is needed in the cells energy. Energy in which a phosphate cleaves from an ATP (adenosine triphosphate). The ATP has now become an ADP (adenosine diphosphate). In order for this ADP to become an ATP again, the creatine phosphate comes into play. The newly converted ATP can thus be used again for the next energy production.
In training, this means that more sets with a greater weight can be performed.
Due to the ability of creatine to store water, the muscle becomes bulmer and can absorb a major portion of nutrients.

Why should vegan creatine be taken?

This combination ensures that creatine strengthens the prerequisites for muscle building. Creatine itself is neither an amino acid nor does it provide for more muscle mass. However, if you use the Creatine property and train more intensely and feed on it, you will be able to make very good progress in muscle and strength development. Often it is precisely these 2-3 reps more in one sentence that make the difference for the muscle.

There are two reasons for taking vegan creatine:

1. Since creatine is only found in meat, and both vegetarians and vegans dispense with consumption, it is here to consider whether creatine should not be supplemented even permanently.
2. As in conventional bodybuilding, Creatine is a standard supplement because of its positive research results.

How is vegan creatine taken?

If you take Creatine permanently, you can start taking the daily ration (3-5g) every day. It is best to use the creatine on an empty stomach in combination with a fast carbohydrate such as dextrose.

For a Creatine cure (8-10 weeks) two procedures have prevailed. Either one is started with a loading phase in which 4 x 5 g creatine is taken daily and nacgh 7-10 days reduced to the normal dose. This can however lead to gastrointestinal symptoms such as bloating and convulsions. Increased creatine intake has no effect on the effect, so the loading phase can be dispensed with and simply started with the regular dose as during the period of intake.
Creatine can also be taken on training days after training, as it can be absorbed particularly well.

Buy the best vegan creatine

The market provides very good creatine products for vegans, so there is no need to do without. Creatine itself is produced almost exclusively synthetically, but it can happen with the fillers and capsules that animal substances were used. In our VEGAN BODYBUILDING SHOP, you will find exclusively vegan creatine, so you can be sure and choose the right product for you. Whether you prefer a creatine powder or creatine capsules.

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