vegan fitness diet meal plan

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Vegan Fitness Model Diet Plan Female

meal plan diet vegan bodybuilding

You want a body like a fitness model,
but do not know how you should eat?
We show you what belongs to it and what
you have to pay attention.
1. Eat pure foods
You aspire to look like a vegan Fitness Models,
If you do not only can show an athletic figure,
it is also about a smooth skin and full shiny hair.
You read it again and again, but we want to emphasize once again significantly
You are what you eat
That is, your body forms an evolving concept and therefore requires a lot of nutrients.
Whether skin cells, hair or nails.
All forms of the nutrients that your body You put available.
And so it seems logical that a beautiful and healthy body enough
Proteins, vitamins and minerals needed.
There are also complex carbohydrates and essential fatty acids.
Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables if possible in organic quality,
Whole grains, legumes, tofu, nuts, avocados and seeds.
Look for a large variety to your diet plan.
So you're covered when it comes to the different vitamins and minerals.
Vegan Fitness Model Diet Plan Female Meal Plan Ernährungsplan vegan bodybuilding ernährung meal plan
2. delve into the topic of nutrition
You need to write any thesis to and
Your thoughts should not revolve around the theme throughout the day.
You might want to, however, already some basic knowledge to acquire
as approximate calorie and macronutrient sources.
Because only so you know where and in what quantities you refer your nutrients.
Read some books or researching on the Internet to do so.
On our Youtube channel you can find constantly
News and also basic knowledge on the subject.
Vegan Fitness Model Diet Plan Female Meal Plan Ernährungsplan vegan bodybuilding ernährung meal plan
a quick overview of your best sources
Sweet potatoes
Wholegrain couscous
Wholemeal pasta
Brown rice
Chia seeds
Hemp seeds
Sesame seeds
Sunflower seeds
Hazel nuts
Brazil nuts
Vegetable oils such as olive oil, hemp oil, safflower oil, coconut oil
Of course, fruits and vegetables also contain a lot of carbohydrates and even protein
3. Get to know your body
You should know your calorie needs.
There are several Internet computers for which you, however,
very often come to different results.
Use once a mean and see how it behaves Your body.
Do you take not turned away, or changed your body is not in the direction,
you wish for, the calorie-reducing slowly.
Do you suffer from excessive motivation in training and in the old day or
afflict you many attacs of hunger, increasing the caloric intake carefully.
It does not help if you're tired or permament
by uncontrolled eating binges your plans thwarted.
a simple formula to start is
1.8-2.2 g protein / kg body weight
0.8-1.2 g fat / kg body weight
4 g carbohydrate / kg body weight
Also watch out for which foods you with a
bloated stomach or fatigue react.
So you know what foods you before important
Events like a photo shoot, video shoot, invitations or
maybe a special date should shun.
4. Plane and prepare your meals in advance
Good preparation is the alpha and omega,
when it comes to achieving your goal.
You now know how high your requirements are and about
Where do you get the nutrients. Now it goes to the planning.
A simple modern way is an app on your phone,
which you can calculate how much is the nutritional content of foods.
Start with simple dishes that made not so many
various components are made, such as
100 g brown rice with vegetables or 200 g tofu fried with salad.
Here you get to our Youtube channel or in our
News / Recipes blog plenty of suggestions.
Plane looks depending on how your daily routine
and what you yourself feel more comfortable 3-5 meals.
After you have planned the meals, make a shopping plan.
You can find plenty of Auwahl in our vegan online shop.
Whether chia seeds, hemp seeds, quinoa or tofu in high organic quality.
vegan fitness diet meal plan
5. Check-reward
As already described in point 3,
You should always change your body keep in mind.
Therefore, the balance should not always be taken,
because it does not only measure the fat, but also the change in the
Muscle mass and water in your body.
At best you are using a tape measure, or look in the mirror.
Treat yourself to a quiet times a week a Schlemmertag.
This will help you continue to motivate you and endure.
In addition, you upset so on your metabolism.
You can browse through course also listed other rewards, such as
a spa treatment, a nice book or course, a great new outfit.
vegan fitness diet meal plan

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